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Soft Skills: Communication

What does it mean to be effective at communication? There is more to communicating than sending a daily status update or explaining a process. To be an effective communicator means applying effort to verbal as well as non-verbal skills and they can be as important as a trade skill. You’ll find that employers and clients will make decisions about you based on how well you communicate – especially if you’re being compared to others in a competitive scenario like an interview. If you’re seeking ways to improve, then start by seriously considering how well you practice the following:

  • understanding body language
  • being able to clearly present ideas
  • understanding how to use visual aides
  • being able to receive constructive feedback
  • writing where body language is not required to understand
  • displaying empathy while attentively listening

Of all the life skills available to us, communication is perhaps the most empowering.

Bret Morrison, actor
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