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Just one rock song??

My daughter asked me today what my “go to” rock song was. I had to think for a while but my honest conclusion was that it depends on what mood I’m in. Of course, to effectively communicate to my kid the importance of having a repertoire of quality rock songs vs a single one, I created a Spotify playlist and shared it with her. The accompanying message read “Best enjoyed on ‘shuffle’.”

I’m sure upon receiving it there was a moment of dread while wondering what I was about to torment her with. However, she has told me I have good taste in music. It makes sense … well, I mean, I have literally been at this longer than she has.

On a serious note, I do really enjoy connecting with her over music. She’ll talk about something new and I’ll share something classic – or not so classic as I do frequent the “Release Radar” playlist. This is a kid who’s going into college wearing classic rock group shirts and actually knowing what those groups sound like. I suppose I did something right with my parenting after all.

Bringing this all down to a point (I do actually have one): discussing music preferences is just a moment in time that I’m given to get involved in my kid’s life. It communicates I actually want to know what matters to her in a very simple way. By listening to something she likes I get a glimpse of her life a song at a time. When she listens to a song I like, she gets a glimpse at something I connect with. Somewhere in the mix, we are talking and listening to each other – and I hear that’s one of the hardest goals to achieve with kids.

If it gets me more time with my kid, I’m going to keep adding to that playlist. Life is too short to only have one “go to” rock song.

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