Find value in “hobby apps”

Burnout is real so how do you balance your work schedule with the need for continuous learning? Technology changes continuously and employers are constantly seeking for someone who can keep up with the next iteration of tools. Unfortunately, you can’t always depend on finding an employer that will put the value on professional development that you should. There are some high-class employers out there that will take it seriously but you need to plan on doing this yourself. For this reason, consider adding “hobby apps” into your life away from work.

What is a hobby app? A hobby app can be any idea that comes to mind, outside of your work, with which you can practice learning new technologies. There doesn’t need to be a revenue opportunity, it doesn’t have to be the next big business tool, and it doesn’t have to be related to the software you develop at work. Additionally, and most importantly, it should not dominate your personal time. You still need your downtime! However, it represents a personal investment into improving your skillset. You can even repurpose the same idea for each language or tool you decide to explore.

  • Is there a programming language that you’ve been looking to learn?
  • Is there a new technology or service you’ve seen released that grabbed your interest?

These are only a couple of the opportunities where you could sit down once or twice a week in your personal time to implement your idea with new tools. With rapid change guaranteed in the field, spending a small amount of time now investing in your skillset is a wise investment into your future.

Project of the Month: May 2020

This month I’m working on something new but that would be “new” as in “I haven’t worked on it before” because this one has been on my list for quite a while. The audience is home-based daycare providers and it’s an ASP.NET Core + React + Ionic web app. If the current pace holds, I’ll be adding it to my Apps page very soon!

Never Stop Learning

As a software developer, I’ve experienced quite a bit of change throughout my career. While some skills have always been relevant there are those that are in a constant state of change. Innovation brings improvement to processes, security, and performance at a pace that makes complacency a dangerous state of mind. For example, the mobile app development ecosystem has never stopped innovating – especially with smartphones. App development for the iPhone alone has continually changed since it was first introduced.

DirecTV Now: 40 Tours Around the Sun

Enjoying Toto’s 40 Tours Around the Sun concert playing on AT&T’s DirecTV Now. My understanding is that they will be killing off the Audience feature of the app soon which is unfortunate given nobody can go to concerts right now. Maybe they’ll add it to HBO Max?

Primary social platform?

Having multiple social network accounts, I’ve found that the only one that really does everything (for me) is an actual website. Facebook does all formats but I really don’t enjoy using that platform. I use Instagram, Vero, and Twitter for general social media but I still feel scattered. Vero is the closest to what I like with no sorting algorithms but it doesn’t do text only posts. Also, as nice of a platform as it is, the audience hasn’t been as diverse as I’d expect.