Dolphin Reef: It’s a Disney+ kind of afternoon

Watching Dolphin Reef on Disney+ this afternoon with the kiddo. It’s the typical narrated, yet well done, sea-life production.

DirecTV Now: 40 Tours Around the Sun

Enjoying Toto’s 40 Tours Around the Sun concert playing on AT&T’s DirecTV Now. My understanding is that they will be killing off the Audience feature of the app soon which is unfortunate given nobody can go to concerts right now. Maybe they’ll add it to HBO Max?

Primary social platform?

Having multiple social network accounts, I’ve found that the only one that really does everything (for me) is an actual website. Facebook does all formats but I really don’t enjoy using that platform. I use Instagram, Vero, and Twitter for general social media but I still feel scattered. Vero is the closest to what I like with no sorting algorithms but it doesn’t do text only posts. Also, as nice of a platform as it is, the audience hasn’t been as diverse as I’d expect.

Reach Out

We can all feel a bit captive to our environments right now but don’t let it stop you from excelling at what you do. You’ve got this! If you don’t, reach out to other’s that can help. If you need to reach out, message me. Even if you just need someone to listen.

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.